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Tips and Tricks to make step up your Shisha Game!

1. Add Ice: When preparing your Shisha, adding a few cubes of ice changes the game. Using ice
intensifies any shisha flavour you use. The smooth smoke makes the entire Hookah
experience all the worthwhile.
2. Use some colour dye and mix in with the water: This will not affect the smoke or flavour in
your Hookah, but it will sure make an amazing photo for Instagram for your friends to envy
over your Shisha game.
3. Soda: When using any soft drink for your Hookah, ensure that the soft drink you intend to
use is completely flat and does not have any fizz. When inhaling the fizz, this can damage
your hose and pipe. Using a fruit base soft drink like Fanta adds that extra sweetness. When
smoking with fruit flavoured Shisha, that mix of soft drink creates a whole new sensation
that is a must do with friends
4. Frozen Fruit: Just like ice, the coolness added into the water gives a soothing smoke with the
added flavour of the fruits you have added. Using frozen berries with a mint shisha flavour
will sure get the party started
5. Energy Drinks: Want to step your Hookah experience up a notch? Using energy drinks like
Red Bull, V etc. is a sure way to have a night to remember. Again, make sure the energy
drinks are flat to prevent damages to the Hookah pipe and hose.
6. Wine: Do not need to use the most extravagant bottle available. Adding a Pinot Noir or the
cheapest bottle available at your local bottle shop with do the trick. The subtle flavour of
the wine is all that is needed to enhance the Shisha flavour for the adults in the room to enjoy.

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