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Old vs New, Vintage vs Contemporary, Traditional vs Modern. Being stuck in between these conflicting worlds can be tricky, especially when trying to look for a type of Hookah just right for you. Just like everything else in our world, Hookah is evolving when it comes to the designs and styles on offer.  This is not a competition of which style is better, but rather showcase the best of both worlds of traditional and modern Hookah.

Luxury Hookah: Zeus Hookah

Zeus Hookah Collection - Gold Plated Designed Vases
Our Zeus Hookah collection depicts the true beauty of Hookah Art. The Vase is exclusively designed with gold plated artwork for our Australian Hookah connoisseurs. To elevate this collection, the brilliantly engineered Hookah stem with solid metal delivers the best smoking experience.
With every Hookah comes with top-quality accessories such as high-grade silicone hose with long aluminium pipe that will last years and is easy to wash. To finish the design, a Nonglazed clay bowl sits on top as a mantelpiece that will give you an earthy taste that can hold 22-25g of shisha flavour.

Traditional: Khalil Maamoon

Khalil Maamoon continues to create beautiful handmade Shisha that encapsulates the traditional style of Hookah. Made in Egypt, Khalil Mamoon continues to not disappoint with their intricately detailed stems and bases to elevate the shisha experience. Here at KVDE, we are fortunate to stock a range of Khalil Mamoon.


Handcrafted in the Czech Republic, MYA exhibit quality Hookah with designs resembling traditional Hookah. The Royal collection exemplifies the beauty that comes from traditional style Hookah

Regal Prince:

Unlike other traditional Hookah, the Regal Prince uses Wood to create their stem. The premium wood finish takes the traditional style Hookah to a new level. The Regal Queen Nutwood Hookah is the finest example of the Regal Prince traditional Hookah.


Lavoo: Stepping away from the traditional design of Hookah, Lavoo crafts their own style of Hookah by purely using glass. Although Lavoo is using a modern twist on the Hookah design, the traditional function of the Hookah remains.

Shisha bucks: Shisha bucks is taking modern flair to a new level. Using anodized aluminium to create the stem, this abstract design contrasts the traditional Hookah style.

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